Wild Game & Venison

FSA Approved 100%  Tracability

Edgewater Foods LTD supplies fresh wild venison and game to wholesalers/food services across Northern Ireland and internationally.

Our Venison and game products are ethically harvested and sourced from fully certified hunters and from Gosford Forest park, Castle Leslie and the Baron Courts Estate.

Venison grazes on nutritious herbs, grasses and mountain heather. This is 100% natural and GMO free that gives lean, low fat meat which is naturally high in protein, iron and zinc.

Red, Fallow and Japanese Sika are the three species of deer that inhabit Northern Ireland, and our company are long-term sustainability advocates of the wild game and venison industries.

We operate from our FSA approved meat and fish processing plant at our HQ, located in Dungannon, NI. Get in Touch!

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